A BioSecurity company offering screening and contact tracing technology to protect your workplace from COVID-19. 

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We looked at several alternatives and chose ReturnSafe. The agility of the app allows us to segment locations so that we can apply the right policies to meet the requirements of each The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society site.

ReturnSafe was also the best from an ease of use perspective. It simplifies the screening process for employees and volunteers, and that’s really important to us as we want people to feel confident when coming back to the office.

Tom Gardner

Senior Vice President of Information Technology, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

We feel a personal commitment to making our school safer so that we can return to our campus and ReturnSafe is helping us open sooner and more safely for our students.

John Fahy

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs , Strake Jesuit College Preparatory

The best tools to prevent a viral outbreak at your office

Daily Symptom Screening

Employees are notified to complete a quick mobile survey as a daily health check-in to ensure that only healthy employees are asked to come to work.

Individualized Vulnerability Assessment

Our predictive model identifies people that are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19 to help tailor your policies to your most vulnerable employees.

Contact Tracing

A simple logbook allows your employees to track their physical interactions with others. Bluetooth and Indoor-location technologies gather this data in the background to complement human memory.
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Integrated & Secured

Integrate with leading enterprise authentication systems to offer single sign-on and integrate with all leading HRMS systems to sync relevant HR data to ReturnSafe.

Sentinel Testing

Our Chief Medical Officer can help you provide for your employees to be tested either one-time or regularly to measure the percentage of your employees that are asymptomatic and positive. ReturnSafe can expedite the process and aggregate the data for decision makers.

Social Distancing Alarm

Phones can be set to vibrate when they come within 6 feet of each other as a proactive reminder to build safe habits and the data can be used to improve office layouts and policies.


Be Prepared.

Don’t get caught flat-footed. Put the tools in place ahead of time to ensure that you are 100% prepared for the day you receive a call that an employee just tested positive for COVID-19.

With the ReturnSafe contact tracing app for business, HR can immediately access data regarding when the symptoms started to determine not only the infectious period but also which other employees may have been exposed to swiftly and effectively respond as an organization.

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A Data-Driven Covid Response Plan

Daily symptom check-ins are aggregated and reported on to the relevant managers so you can securely monitor the health of your office. Continuously gather the data necessary to have a swift, effective and tailored response that can protect your employees, your customers and your business.




A Health Check-in, Daily.

Ask your employees how they are feeling everyday. A notification pops up on their phone to ask them to check-in. The process only takes about 5 seconds to complete.  You can tailor personalized rule-based recommendations to them to either come to work that day or to stay at home. Collect information regarding their symptoms and when they started and stopped so you can easily comply with local quarantine and isolation laws.


“If someone tests positive for COVID-19, the app can help determine who else may have been in close contact and let them know.”

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