Return to physical spaces with confidence

Successfully manage the post-pandemic vaccinated, unvaccinated, fluid, and flexible workplace. 

Our HIPAA compliant and fully customizable service is based upon CDC guidelines for safe operation and gives businesses, schools, and venues the tools to manage in this mixed immunity world. 

  • Vaccine Tracking
  • Testing
  • Outbreak Prevention
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Your one-stop source to successfully manage a mixed immunity workforce

An integrated solution.  Use one or all depending upon your needs

Vaccine Tracking

Track employee vaccination status to know who can take their mask off safely. 

Testing Services

Create a testing program to protect the unvaccinated.  Catch cases early to stop COVID-19 in its tracks


Verify that your team is healthy before they enter the workplace with a 5 second daily questionnaire

Contact Tracing

Definitively track and respond to employee exposure risk quickly to stop forward spread and prevent shutdowns

How it works


Focus on prevention 

Command Center provides a 360-degree view of employee health status and the tools to effectively stop one case from turning into 100.

  • Vaccine Tracking: Monitor vaccination status on micro and macro levels.
  • Daily Screening: View data all in one easy-to-navigate place.
  • Testing: test symptomatic employees, create a pooled or surveillance testing program for your unvaccinated population.
  • Building Access Management: Integrate testing results, vaccine status, and screening status with building access control.
  • Case Manager: Manage positive cases, contact racing, and quarantine/isolation protocols. No more spreadsheets.
  • HIPAA Compliant: All data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant platform to protect employee privacy.

Stay safe and connected with an easy-to-use app

Employees participate in maintaining a healthy workplace

  • Vaccination status: input vaccination status, type, date (voluntary)
  • Daily Screening: A quick, daily 5-second check-in.
  • Recommended Results: Receive recommendations to stay home or come in.
  • Connected Contact Tracing: Contacts can be automatically logged to notify the right people quickly in case of exposure.
  • Testing: catches silent spread to keep everyone safe
  • Maintains privacy: Uses a HIPAA-compliant platform to report your COVID-19 test results and vaccine status.
daily health screening return to work app
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Get Started with creating a safer, infection-free workplace in as little as 24 hours

1. Meet with our team to customize your workplace experience and initialize set-up.

2. Invite your employees to learn about and download the app before they start using it.

3. Begin to manage your mixed immunity workplace within 24 hours of speaking to ReturnSafe.

Client Testimonials


“A single solution to respond to risks with speed”

We chose ReturnSafe because they provide a single solution to quickly respond to potential risks when speed is critical to keeping our employees, fans, and guests safe.


“ReturnSafe was the best from an ease of use perspective”

We looked at several alternatives and chose ReturnSafe. The agility of the app allows us to segment locations so that we can apply the right policies to meet the requirements of each of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society sites.

Create a customizable plan specific to your business.

Not seeing your industry or unsure where your business fits in? Book a demo to learn how ReturnSafe can support your organization quickly and efficiently.

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  • Manufacturing

    Take a preventative and proactive approach to outbreaks. GIve employees the confidence to keep the floor humming.

  • Sports & Entertainment

    Allow your organization’s fans and employees to enjoy live sports and entertainment in a safe and customized setting.

  • Healthcare

    Work to prevent virus spread on a daily basis among patients and providers in both hospitals and long term care facilities

  • Education

    Allow students, faculty, and families to feel secure upon returning to school and throughout the school year.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Maintain comprehensive traveler well-being while adhering to all local laws.

  • General Business

    Work with us to determine a unique and seamless solution to accommodate your business, no matter the size.


The Future of Your Workplace

See the results from our recent survey on Managing a Mixed Immunity Workplace. 

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