ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – March 31, 2021

ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – March 31, 2021

Check out our blog posts below to learn about our customers’ COVID-19 journeys and to get the latest health and safety updates. Scroll down to watch our latest webinar on best practices for reopening sports and entertainment venues and preview our new product features.

workplace vaccine hesitancy

Vaccination Day at Redstone Highlands: Tips to Encourage Adoption

Redstone was able to successfully double their vaccine adoption rate. Check out our blog to find out how you can overcome vaccine hesitancy. 
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new variants

What Employers Need to Know About the New COVID-19 Variants

What should employers know about the new COVID-19 variants? Read our blog to learn more about the variants and how they can impact your workplace operations.
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Watch Now: NCS4 Webinar

Sports and Entertainment venues want to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for fans. Watch the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) webinar featuring our team and ParkHub to find out how organizations like the Spurs are utilizing technology to confidently reopen. 
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Are you looking for screening, contact tracing, testing, case management, and vaccine management tools for your organization? Book a demo to learn more about our solution! 

ReturnSafe Licensed to One of Nation’s Largest Philanthropies for Use At Its Research Campus

ReturnSafe Licensed to One of Nation’s Largest Philanthropies for Use At Its Research Campus

ReturnSafe’s end-to-end software solution for infectious disease management offers businesses, universities, healthcare facilities, sports teams and major venues the tools needed to successfully reopen and stay open.

ReturnSafe In Virginia
The state of Virginia has a unique set of workplace safety requirements that incorporate many of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and are stricter than most other states. Virginia requirements include daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms for certain employers. ReturnSafe’s app provides a solution for Virginia’s requirements.

ReturnSafe can be used to conduct daily health screenings to maintain compliance. Staff cleared to come to the workplace receive a unique PIN code they use to enter and access the operational building and research facilities.

“ReturnSafe’s mission is to ensure that businesses can keep their workers safe, now and into the future,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Chief Executive Officer of ReturnSafe. “This pandemic has completely upended our lives. Millions of people have lost jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives. It’s forced us into our homes. It’s kept us away from our loved ones. Returning to any sense of normalcy is going to be a challenge, but it’s never been more urgent. Our world and our workplaces may never be the same again, but we have an opportunity to create new norms to prevent this type of devastation.”

The ReturnSafe Platform
Beyond a daily health screening app, ReturnSafe offers businesses, universities, healthcare facilities, sports teams and major venues an end-to-end solution that includes:

  • A daily screener that screens for symptoms, exposure and travel to ensure only people meeting the ReturnSafe criteria can access the building.
  • A testing dashboard providing rapid notifications of positive test results, a requirement for mitigating contagion in fast-moving environments, especially important when lab responses are slow.
  • High-resolution contact-tracing leveraging existing mobile and wearable devices with built-in social distancing alarms, one of the most needed solutions in active environments.
  • Case management to manage workflow and communications for employees in isolation and quarantine, eliminating manual spreadsheets which are error prone and hard to manage.
  • Vaccine management for employers to oversee workplace immunity without compromising employee safety and privacy, the most recent addition to the platform.

Born out of, an open-source contact tracing system for COVID-19, ReturnSafe is on a mission to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases at workplaces and schools. In just six short months, ReturnSafe has amassed more than 60 customers – including Sesame Workshop, Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and several universities and schools – and protected the lives of over 20,000 employees and stakeholders.

About ReturnSafe
ReturnSafe is a holistic software solution for infectious disease management (IDM) that is helping businesses, universities, healthcare facilities, sports teams and major venues businesses reopen and stay open. Its end-to-end platform provides daily health screening, exposure notification, and contact tracing and case management for COVID-19 and other contagious diseases. ReturnSafe is based in Austin, TX and backed by Fifty Years, Necessary Ventures and Active Capital. To help keep everyone in your organization safe with human-driven, technology-supported solutions, visit

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