Our mission is to keep people safe from infectious diseases.

COVID-19 has established the need for every industry to address BioSecurity. We enable businesses to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep people safe and maintain business continuity.

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Why choose ReturnSafe?

The company was created to address COVID-19.

The entire company is 100% focused on our mission to prevent infectious disease outbreaks.  This is a new type of problem and a new type of problem requires a new company, not just a re-skinning of existing tools.

Holistic approach, combining Screen, Test and Trace

More than the sum of the parts.  A screening app is not enough.  Screening and testing data drive workflows and processes such as contact tracing, and quarantine management.

A pragmatic approach to privacy

Privacy is a fundemental right and no one should have to give up their privacy for their paycheck or reveal personal health information to someone that doesn’t absolutely need it.

ReturnSafe is a B-Corp, mission over purpose.

We started as a non-profit.  Our mission to prevent outbreaks at schools and offices is sacred, above profits.  We use the revenue as we generate to make our products better and offer 80% discounts to schools, nursing homes and non-profits. 

An enterprise-grade system with a human-centric design. 

We know you need a secure, compliant infrastructure that checks all the boxes for enterprise IT, but we also need to make staff & students FEEL stafe when they return to campus and want to participate in keeping the community safe.  

Need for a BioSecurity Platform vs. ‘Screening App’

A screening app is a point solution that doesn’t truly address the need to create a safety bubble around offices or campuses.  ReturnSafe provides the core app and integrated workflows out of the box and integrates with your existing infrastructure and industry-specific solutions to bring all the data together to enable a safe campus.  

Our Leadership Team

Our team brings together experts in public healthcare with seasoned leaders from  technology and design to address the full end-to-end needs of our customers.

Chief Executive Officer

Tarun Nimmagadda


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Reef Gillum

Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Product

Jikku Venkat


Vice President of Business Development

Jason Story


Vice President of Marketing

Margaret Rimmler



Vice President of Finance

Esha Vaid


Our Values


ReturnSafe is full of enthusiastic, exceptional makers and doers who want to empower organizations to return to work safely and to maintain ongoing BioSecurity.


We have a strong bias for not building everything ourselves. If we find a solution that would benefit our customers, we will partner to create a more holistic offering.


We believe in being transparent and maintain open and honest communications, even if it’s not in our best interest.


Every employee plays a mission-critical role in something big, and as a result, we have a unique chance to learn, stretch, and grow. And ReturnSafe recognizes and rewards awesome work — while we hold ourselves to high standards, exceeding that high bar deserves a special thanks.

Let us show you how it works.

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