ReturnSafe Experiences Triple-Digit Growth As Companies Look For A Safe Way To Keep Their Doors Open And Communities Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

ReturnSafe Experiences Triple-Digit Growth As Companies Look For A Safe Way To Keep Their Doors Open And Communities Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Backed by Active Capital, ReturnSafe’s BioSecurity Platform has been implemented by more than thirty organizations as part of their return to office protocols

ReturnSafe, a mission-driven BioSecurity company focused on workplace health safety, announced today that since the beginning of May, more than 30 organizations have adopted the ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform to help keep their work environments safe for their communities.

“In February, I started to see the human and economic destruction unfold in Asian countries due to the Coronavirus and knew that soon, the virus would be impacting us here in the United States,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Founder and CEO of ReturnSafe. “Based on history and the infectious diseases that have come before, I recognized that waiting for a vaccine could take a very long time and it would not be the silver bullet that everyone hoped for. I knew that the only way to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and to help businesses stay open was to offer a solution that would screen, test and trace COVID-19 in the workplace.”

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform offers organizations an end to end solution that slows the spread of infectious diseases by implementing critical daily screening with a symptoms diary and recommendations governed by HR policies; testing data management for quick notification of a positive test; and Bluetooth contact-tracing via smartphone and hardware wearables at the workplace including a built-in social distancing alarm.

“We have been pleased with ReturnSafe as a solution to manage the safety of employees at corporate, regional and property locations in multiple states,” said Mark H. Dambly, President of Pennrose. “Our property management and maintenance teams are essential employees and have been reporting to work throughout the shutdowns, and with the pandemic, we needed to find a scalable solution that would allow us to screen our 400+ person workforce. The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform enables us to conduct daily screening and contact tracing, which helps our Human Resources team manage risks associated with keeping our employees safe at work.”

ReturnSafe supports businesses in various industries including health and senior care organizations, educational institutions, event venues, non-profits, hospitality, manufacturing, law, real estate, financial services and more, throughout the United States including Hawaii, and Canada and the United Kingdom.

Founded by Tarun Nimmagadda, Jikku Venkat (Chief Technology and Head of Product), Dr. Reef Gillum (Chief Medical Officer) and Jason Story (Vice President of Business Development and Sales), ReturnSafe draws from the deep experience of the founders in public health policy, healthcare IT systems, consumer technology and enterprise software development.

“The majority of businesses, from schools and non-profit organizations to nursing homes and event venues, are rapidly searching for ways to get back to work safely,” said Pat Matthews, Founder and CEO of Active Capital. “We believe ReturnSafe is uniquely positioned to holistically address this challenge. Their founding team has the experience and mission-driven focus to truly make a difference and we are thrilled to support their journey.”

ReturnSafe Press Contact:
Monica Ma at +15105518553

3 Return to Work Plans From Industry Leaders

3 Return to Work Plans From Industry Leaders

These businesses have published their extensive coronavirus health & safety protocols

With the world reopening and some semblance of ‘normalcy’ starting to return, companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to come up with what their ‘return to work’ plan will be. These plans need to be instituted to not only ensure that their facilities, factories and store fronts meet new local, regional and national health and safety standards, but they also need to calm fears amongst their workforce, customer base, vendors and visitors in order to get things up and running again. We rounded up three leaders in the fields of: automotive, hospitality and food processing who have published detailed plans for their new health and safety protocols in the coronavirus world.

The Automotive Coronavirus Return to Work Playbook

tesla return to work plan

Tesla released something called their “Return to Work Playbook” where they outline everything from facilities improvements, employee training, screening, social distancing, and new overall processes for daily life at their California plants. The playbook begins by outlining a set of “readiness checks” for all facilities, including: verifying all indoor and outdoor areas that people may come into contact with have been cleaned and sanitized, checking that air filters are in proper working order, assuring that social distancing is made possible by reduced occupancy across tight areas and enclosed spaces, and generally guaranteeing that all onsite precautions have been made. Next, the playbook goes on to detail about how the workforce will be trained on the new processes in place to best maintain a healthy and safe work environment, including another readiness checklist. Finally, the document moves onto how the team will control access to the campus in order to ensure the maintenance of all other protocols, including: temperature screening, employee self-checks, and a list of processes to go through if someone does test positive for COVID-19.  

How Hotels Will Return to Welcoming Guests

four seasons hospitality return to work plan

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts recently announced a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine International called, Lead With Care. This partnership will provide the guidelines for their reopening across the international brand. Johns Hopkins experts will be validating new Four Seasons health and safety protocols and will provide ongoing guidance as they are implemented. “Along with already-commonplace measures such as more sanitizers, masks and heightened cleaning and hygiene, our collaboration with Johns Hopkins equips our property teams with access to leading international experts and real-time COVID-19 information, enhancing our tools and training to deliver an experience grounded in safety and trust,” says Christian Clerc, President, Global Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. The program has two phases: “Review & Validation” and “Ongoing Guidance.” First, they are completing a thorough review of all existing practices at each property and will implement new practices as necessary. Some of these new practices include: installing a “Hygiene Officer” at each hotel, increasing the frequency with which areas are disinfected, and equipping each guest room with a “Lead With Care Kit”, which offers face masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Moreover, according to their initial press release regarding the program, “the ongoing collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine International team [will include] direct access to curated critical updates, relevant COVID-19 research outcomes, and expert advice to ensure real-time adjustments to operating procedures.”

Essential Businesses Remain Proactive While Returning to Work

factory industrial processes return to work coronavirus

Many of the Cargill facilities were deemed essential due to being food processing and industrial platns so their employees and partners haven’t missed a beat since the beginning of the pandemic. And now as we all move into this new phase of the crisis, they have also been working on a set of standards that will be in place going forward to best protect their workforce, customers and partners from airborne diseases. According to a recent statement on the safety of their North American meat processing facilities, “In partnership with the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, OSHA and other national and local health officials, we are proactively putting into place the latest available safety protocols appropriate for the contexts in which we operate.” Some of the new measures they are taking include: implementing a screening survey for anyone entering a plant, temperature screening each day, limiting all unnecessary visitors, increasing the already high level of daily sanitation, installing protective barriers on the production floor and providing appropriate PPE for employees. Beyond the in-plant process updates, they have also put together a set of community-focused guidelines, such as: providing buses that are retrofitted with protective barriers between seats to alleviate the need for carpooling in a safe, sanitary way and a long term focus on building awareness of social distancing best practices inside and outside of work for everyone in their ecosystem. 

Is your business currently working on a ‘return to work’ plan or are you looking for a contact tracing app? If so, we can help you automate the implementation process and advise on how to create a best in class holistic solution so you can hit the ground running in a safe and secure way going forward. We deliver automation, accountability and compliance for businesses reopening after the coronavirus shutdowns. Book a demo with us to find out how we do that! Learn how it works.

ReturnSafe Joins ADP Marketplace to help protect businesses from COVID-19 outbreaks.

ReturnSafe Joins ADP Marketplace to help protect businesses from COVID-19 outbreaks.

ReturnSafe is now a Referral Partner on ADP Marketplace to help businesses prevent and rapidly respond to COVID-19 outbreaks to help keep employees safe and maintain business continuity.


ReturnSafe is the leading BioSecurity company offering COVID-19 screening, testing and contact tracing solutions providing HR and Risk Managers with tools to comply with local, state and federal safety guidelines.  

As a Referral Partner, ReturnSafe is now available on ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront offering ADP® clients a curated set of partners that complement and extend the value of their ADP products.

With ReturnSafe, ADP clients can leverage their existing investments in ADP Payroll and Workforce Management solutions to seamlessly and securely configure their organizational structure in ReturnSafe and maintain an up-to-date view as employees are hired, leave or change departments. 

“COVID-19 has established the need for every industry to address Return-to-Work safe protocols.  By offering our solution on ADP Marketplace, we made it simple for our mutual clients to setup and configure their org structure within ReturnSafe, eliminating manual employee data maintenance at initial setup and over time.  Our joint solution provides employees and HR with the tools to ensure their workplace stays safe and that they can quickly respond to keep it that way,” says Tarun Nimmagadda, CEO of ReturnSafe. 

ReturnSafe can help businesses comply with local, state and federal mandates and lower the risk of an outbreak in the workplace.

  • Be in compliance with COVID-19 regulatory requirements and CDC Guidelines for each location with customizable digital screening and policies and procedures.  
  • Lower risk of infectious disease spread in the workplace by implementing a proactive and scalable program using digital screening, testing and contact tracing to prevent and rapidly respond to outbreaks.
  • Make daily health screening quick and easy for employees, decreasing the hassle factor and ensuring the organization stays in compliance. 

Hassle-Free Employees screening in seconds:

Daily screening reminders make it easy for employees to check-in before reporting to work.  Employees record their symptoms in a daily survey and receive a recommendation on whether they should go to work or stay home. The process takes about 5 seconds per day.

At work, social distancing alerts notify employees if they come within 6 feet of a coworker for longer than a minute to provide a gentle reminder.  

HR has the tools to reinforce team compliance and rapidly respond.

The ReturnSafe HR Portal allows organizations to set return to work policies and configure the employee daily survey by location to ensure compliance with changing local guidelines and mandates.

HR can monitor which employees are completing the screening, who is coming into the office, who is working from home, and access a log of COVID-19 exposures when contact tracing is necessary.  Managers can also get a view of their department status as needed. 

ReturnSafe can help keep employees safe and maintain business continuity. Book a demo to see how it works.

Check out our other ReturnSafe integrations. Learn how it works.

The Betsy Hotel Addresses COVID-19 Mandates

The Betsy Hotel Addresses COVID-19 Mandates

Employee daily screening and contact tracing technology key to reopening.

We recently spoke with our customer, Malvin Ortiz-Aponte, the Director of Human Resources at The Betsy Hotel to discuss the role of ReturnSafe contact tracing and screening in maintaining workplace safety and business continuity in the face of COVID-19 mandates. 




Malvin Ortiz-Aponte
Director of HR
The Betsy Hotel

“I really like the ease of use of the app for our employees, and HR can quickly see across our organization to monitor exposures and hot spots for rapid incident response.  Without the automation for screening and contact tracing, we would have to test everyone if someone became positive and risk having to shut down to abide by the Miami Beach Reopening Orders and Emergency Measures.”

Miami Beach Mandates

Miami Beach has specific Reopening Orders and Emergency Measures for restaurants and hotels to open for business.   You are allowed to open if you implement employee symptom screening, observe social distancing, wear masks, and have every employee and vendor tested monthly.  If someone tests positive, an employee or a vendor, you have to shut down the affected area, or the entire operation, depending upon the location of the exposure and the general vicinity where that person works.  In order to reopen, you would need to do a thorough cleaning and then you have the option to remain closed for 10 days or incur the discomfort and expense of testing everybody again.

We wanted a solution that would help us keep our community safe and maintain continuous operation without having to test everyone all the time.  We evaluated the options and decided that we needed a software solution for employee screening and contact tracing for rapid response and containment.   

Solution Search

Once we decided that we needed daily screening and contact tracing software, I began a Google search to look around at alternatives.  I looked at a solution from the local hotel association, but it was too expensive.  I continued my search via Google and found ReturnSafe. 

Why we chose ReturnSafe screening and contact tracing

The ReturnSafe team was very responsive; I requested a meeting and was able to schedule it immediately.  I really liked the ease of use of the app.  Employees can check-in and perform their daily symptom survey before reporting to work.   Vendors can check in at Security prior to entering the facility. We can set the policies and recommendations to come to work or stay home based upon local, state and federal guidelines.  The entire screening process takes about 5 seconds per day for our employees. 

It has social distancing and the tracking automation that will allow us to comply with the Miami Beach Mandate.  Without it we would have to continue to rely upon employee adherence by good faith.  ReturnSafe allows HR to monitor which employees are completing the screening (and who is not), who is coming in or staying home.   It will allow us to quickly gain insights across our organization and monitor hot spots and exposures for rapid incident response.  And, with ReturnSafe being  ADPmarketplace solution partner,  the decision was an easy one. 

I really like the background of the company, it started from a nonprofit and is now a Public Benefit B Corp.  They started the company not for profit but to help people.  That was very attractive to me.   But, to be honest, I liked that we could get digital screening, contact tracing and testing all from one organization, and the pricing was also a big motivator for buying ReturnSafe. 

Screening Process without ReturnSafe

Without ReturnSafe, employees have to check-in at the security office and get their temperature taken and answer a few health screening questions and are then told to stay at work or return home.   For managers to know who is coming to work and who isn’t, they had to go down to the security office or call them to get the information.  

With the app, employees can do the health screening from home and receive their work status recommendation immediately and managers can see the status of their team from their desks.  With the automation, we don’t have to staff a person at the security desk, we free up managers’ time and employees know their status prior to commuting to work. 

Without these precautionary steps and without the automated contact tracing we would have to test everyone if someone became positive or risk having to shut down to abide by Miami Beach Mandates for Operation.

The ReturnSafe solution is available on the ADP Marketplace. Learn how it works here. See additional customers here.