What is BioSecurity

BioSecurity is the practice of enabling businesses to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep people safe and maintain business continuity.

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CyberSecurity services enable businesses to prepare, prevent and rapidly respond to network threats, data breaches, and other information technology risks.


BioSecurity means putting into place a whole new set of security measures centered around the health and wellbeing of employees, customers, and partners.

BioSecurity Framework

Be aware and locate viral outbreaks across the globe to assess threat levels at all times.

Safeguard employees by restricting travel to high threat zones, disinfect regularly, practice physical distancing and wear of PPE when needed.

Identify infected individuals via testing to protect themselves, their families and coworkers.

Rapidly address outbreaks to limit spread and assist effected individuals. 

Ensure business continuity. 

A BioSecurity Portal addresses the problems of employers and employees

Protect your organization

Give HR, risk and safety executives insights and your employees peace of mind.

BioSecurity Portal
BioSecurity infrastructure services provide the core tools and information to ensure readiness at all times.

Outbreak-specific Apps
Each outbreak requires specific screening, testing and tracing requirements.  App packs are easily added to address the current outbreak.


ReturnSafe BioSecurity Service

Risk Assessment

Periodic threat assessments for employers and employees regarding various infectious diseases in the business’ location(s).


HR, risk and safety teams need to receive notifications of recommended actions that should be taken depending on the current biosecurity situation in the area—this occurs when there is a current or impending infectious disease outbreak in your geography. This includes travel alerts for employees on business travel.

Business Continuity

Just as Cyber Security tools implement regular system tests, you need to be able to perform regular drills to manage both system and team preparedness for an infectious disease outbreak. A simulated outbreak scenario should be run through on a regular basis to test the safety measures in place as well as to educate team members on the measures that need to be taken in case of an emergency.


Human Resources and Risk departments can remain well informed in real time with reports covering current guidelines from the CDC, WHO, NIH and other organizations on the current state of infections during an outbreak. 

Regulatory Database

A knowledge base of up-to-date county, city, state, federal and industry regulations.  

Tracing Tools

These tools need to be a combination of automated and manual contact tracing to be effective. A simple digital logbook allows your employees to track their physical interactions with others via the mobile app manual.  Bluetooth and Indoor-location technologies gather data in the background to complement the manual notations.  Tracing data is aggregated into the HR dashboards so that management can monitor exposure risks and make recommendations for who can continue to report to the office and who should stay home.


The platform is HIPAA compliant and can be customized to meet any local, state, federal or industry compliance rules.  Compliance and regulatory reports can be easily generated.  

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