Isolation and Quarantine Case Management

Your COVID-19 command center. No more spreadsheets.  Respond quickly, lower risk, and minimize business disruptions. 

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“I highly recommend ReturnSafe to any workplace navigating this tricky landscape”

The Case Manager is directly based on feedback from our university and others managing this pandemic. Its intuitive and trustworthy digital platform will help eliminate the need to manually manage contact tracing data with a spreadsheet. I highly recommend the ReturnSafe technology and team to any workplace or organization attempting to navigate this tricky landscape.”

John Montgomery

Chief Information Officer, Madonna University

Safely and efficiently care for the affected individuals, and prevent potential workplace spread


    • Identify COVID-19 positive employees
    • Provide Isolation recommendations 
    • Notify exposed co-workers
    • Provide testing & quarantine recommendations 
    • Manage return to work clearance

Streamlined workflows

ReturnSafe provides a single point of management for employee communications and safety measure workflows.

  • Communicate directly to employees
  • Follow prescribed workflows
  • Audit trail for compliance reporting

Automated Contact Logging Simplifies Exposure Notification

  • Ensures all employee contacts are logged when at the workplace
  • In case of a positive case, you already have the contacts to notify of exposure
  • Enables a precise response instead of shutting down
  • Allows compliance with state exposure notification requirements

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“If someone tests positive for COVID-19, the app can help determine who else may have been in close contact and let them know.”

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