Responding to the CDC’s New Mask Recommendations

Responding to the CDC’s New Mask Recommendations

With the rise of the Delta variant across the country the CDC now recommends that fully vaccinated individuals wear a mask indoors in public if they are in an area of substantial or high transmission. This reverses their earlier guidance permitting those fully vaccinated to bypass wearing masks.

Individuals may also want to wear a mask regardless of local transmission levels if they or someone in their household have:

  • a weakened immune system
  • an underlying medical condition
  • a higher risk of severe COVID-19 because of their age
  • not yet been vaccinated

ReturnSafe’s Guidance

We agree with the CDC’s new guidance especially with the rise in cases and fatalities due to the Delta variant. Although those who are unvaccinated at higher risk, breakthrough cases are still possible. Fully vaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks and screen for COVID-19 symptoms and get tested and stay home if they are symptomatic. If they test positive they should follow isolation procedure and stay home for 10 days per the CDC guidelines. 


ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – July 22, 2021

ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – July 22, 2021

News and Updates

As the delta variant spreads it is crucial to protect unvaccinated communities. The best defense against the variant is the vaccine. Our tools can help you track and optimize employee vaccination rates and prevent outbreaks. 

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Customers Give ReturnSafe a World Class NPS

In their most recent NPS survey, customers gave ReturnSafe a World Class Ranking! 
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Update your COVID-19 Toolkit

Verify and Track Employee Vaccination Status 

Keep your finger on the pulse as the world changes. With our secure HIPAA compliant vaccine management platform administrators can track as much or as little vaccine information as they want. Employers can ask for vaccine self attestation and/or ask employees to upload their vaccination card. Verification workflows allow employers to confirm employee vaccination status. 
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COVID-19 vaccine management


New Feature Available!
Contactless & Verified Safe Entry

The future of the workplace is touchless! The building access feature ensures only healthy employees enter the office and minimizes the spread of germs in high traffic entryways. 
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Safe Entry Pass

Entry Access Pass 

Only people who meet return to work safety criteria receive a safety pass to access the building. Access criteria are customizable.

Touchless Entry Tablet

Affordable & Easy to Use Tablet for Touchless Entry

Integrates with existing stack for access control, time & attendance, and other IT systems. Utilize QR code or facial recognition features to ensure only healthy employees access the building. 

Customer Stories

Long Term Care - Redstone

How Redstone Overcame Vaccine Hesitancy

Redstone doubled the number of employees willing to get the vaccine. How? Implementing proactive safety measures and transparent communication to build trust that safety was top priority.
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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – June 24, 2021

ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – June 24, 2021

News and Updates

Many states updated their COVID-19 safety guidelines after the CDC’s announcement for fully vaccinated individuals. Bookmark our state guidance page to stay ahead of these changing regulations! As always our team is here to help you tackle evolving safety guidelines to stay compliant and keep your doors open.


COVID-19 Testing

Rapid Antigen Testing Services Now Available!

ReturnSafe has partnered with BD, a leading COVID-19 testing provider. The BD Veritor™ Plus offers a convenient point of care test for COVID-19 with rapid results and simple workflows!
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ReturnSafe Anniversary

ReturnSafe Celebrates First Year of Incorporation

It’s been a little over a year since ReturnSafe incorporated. A tremendous year of growth for the company and we are excited to help you move forward to a post-pandemic workplace.
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Vaccine and Mask News

Why Employers Need a Vaccine Tracking Solution

Businesses need a straightforward way to manage safety workflows for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. Keep everyone safe with vaccine tracking!
Variant News

What Employers Need to Know About the New COVID-19 Variants

Employers must continue to be mindful of the risks of COVID-19 transmission, especially as new variants spread.

Customer Stories

Investment Firm Returns to Work

A Top 20 Private Equity Firm’s Return to Work Journey 

This investment firm implemented a scalable return to work program to give employees and human resources peace of mind about safety.
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ReturnSafe Celebrates First Year of Incorporation

ReturnSafe Celebrates First Year of Incorporation

It’s been a little over a year since ReturnSafe founders Tarun Nimmagadda, Jikku Venkat, and Jason Story officially incorporated ReturnSafe, a holistic software solution purpose-built to fight COVID-19. Today, the company provides digital screening, testing, vaccine tracking, contact tracing, and case management tools to help organizations reopen safely. 

ReturnSafe is a mission-oriented, public benefit corporation. Since the early stages of the pandemic our goal has been to protect vulnerable communities from the devastating impacts of the pandemic. From our work with Redstone, a long-term care facility, to protecting essential businesses such as Pennrose, ReturnSafe has stayed true to this mission. 

Over the past few months, the company has experienced tremendous growth. ReturnSafe has more than 60 customers, protecting over 60,000 lives among a diverse range of industries from Sports and Entertainment to Higher Education. Our infectious disease management platform is helping people on the ground navigate evolving COVID-19 guidelines and mandates. 

We know it’s been a tough year for businesses, schools, and event organizers and we are excited to help them return to normal activities safely. ReturnSafe exists to help organizations and people transition to a new normal where health safety, wellbeing, and workforce flexibility are top priorities.

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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – May 26, 2021

ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – May 26, 2021

ReturnSafe Updated Guidance

The change in guidelines for fully vaccinated people is a welcome relief for many, but it creates new challenges for employers. Employers must now keep track of vaccination status in order to establish safety protocols. To help navigate these changes, we put together steps employers can take to manage a mixed immunity workforce.

4 steps to manage a mixed immunity workplace

  1. Stay ahead of local, state, and federal guidelines
  2. Know the vaccination status of your employees.
  3. Update your safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.
  4. Stay in tune with the COVID-19 risk status in your community

Updated Safety Protocols for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Employees at the Workplace

Employees who have been fully vaccinated will return to a new normal.

Before updating safety protocols employers must review their state and local guidelines. This guidance may differ from the CDC or ReturnSafe guidance. We are happy to customize our solution based on local requirements.

The New CDC Guidance
Under the new CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to do the following:

  • Wear a mask indoors or outside
  • Practice social distancing

ReturnSafe’s Guidance
We agree with CDC guidance that fully vaccinated individuals no longer must wear a mask or practice social distancing at the workplace.

Q: What if fully vaccinated employees are symptomatic?
A: Breakthrough cases have happened and could spread the virus at the workplace. If fully vaccinated employees have symptoms, we recommend they work from home, complete the health screener, and get tested for COVID-19. If they test positive, administrators should follow the case management isolation workflow.

Q: What if fully vaccinated employees are exposed to COVID-19?
A: Fully vaccinated employees who are exposed to COVID-19 do not have to quarantine unless they are symptomatic

Unvaccinated employees should continue following safety measures.

Employees who are not vaccinated or are not yet fully vaccinated must continue to screen, test, isolate, and quarantine per CDC, state, and local guidance.

ReturnSafe Guidance
We recommend employers establish the following safety protocols for unvaccinated employees.

  • Daily screening prior to entering the facility
  • A testing program, testing frequency depends on local COVID-19 infection rates and the organization’s outbreak risk tolerance
  • Administrators should go through the case management workflow for anyone who is symptomatic and/or tests positive for COVID-19



ReturnSafe Joins UKG Partner Network

Excited to collaborate with Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) to bring employees back to physical workspaces with confidence!
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Customer Stories

Strake Jesuit blog

How Strake Jesuit kept students safe during the 20′-21′ school year 

Strake Jesuit chose ReturnSafe to safely reopen. As schools plan for Fall 2021, find out how they utilized our platform to stay open safely!
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Why employers need a vaccine tracking solution

Why employers need a vaccine tracking solution

The CDC’s guidance for fully vaccinated individuals was welcome news for many hoping to return to regular activities with a sense of normalcy. However, the announcement lacked clear guidance to help businesses identify vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals. Businesses are now left to their own devices to establish vaccine tracking protocols and safety measures to accommodate the diverse needs of their mixed immunity workforce. Mixed immunity indicates there are employees with varying degrees of immunity to COVID-19. 

Why do you need a vaccine tracking system?

As there is rising controversy over Federal vaccine passports and one does not look likely, employers must establish their own internal system for identifying the vaccination status of employees and patrons. Businesses must track this information so they can identify who, at their workplace, can bypass safety precautions such as masking and social distancing. Without a vaccine tracking system in place, Human Resources must uphold all their current safety measures at full capacity. This action may instill resentment in fully vaccinated employees but without any precautions in place businesses risk endangering their unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated employees. 

Current states with mandates to record and confirm employee vaccination status to relieve mask mandates

How can I track employee vaccination status?

We recommend automating your vaccine tracking system to make the process easy for employees to log and update their status. A digital vaccination tracking report enables Human Resources to easily view employee immunity status to inform reopening plans and workplace safety protocols. Additionally, Employers can easily download employee vaccination information to comply with local reporting requirements. 

When inquiring on employee vaccination status, employers should consider asking the following questions:

  • What type of vaccine did you receive?
  • When did you receive the vaccination? If applicable: When did you receive the second booster vaccination?
  • Where did you receive the vaccination?
  • Can you upload a photo of your vaccination card?

Tips to help employers encourage vaccination at the workplace

Many of our customers are employing these measures to optimize their vaccine adoption rate. Find out how these tips can help you mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at the workplace. 

Employers should ensure employees have access to accurate vaccine information 

Employers aiming to increase their employee vaccination rate should keep their employees informed of their options and be open to questions. One of our customers, Redstone Highlands Communities, doubled their vaccination rate by establishing proactive measures to combat vaccine hesitancy. 

Gauge employee sentiment to inform your outreach plan

Another step employers can take is to create a voluntary survey inquiring on employee willingness to get vaccinated. Employers can utilize this information to plan their vaccine outreach campaigns, assess workplace risk, and plan their future workplace safety measures.

Establish post-vaccine incentives for employees

Many employers have already started establishing employee vaccination incentive programs such as paid time off. With the new CDC guidance employers can also relieve mask restrictions and social distancing requirements for fully vaccinated employees. 

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