Manual and Automated Contact Tracing Technology

Log all employee contacts so you can precisely trace exposure  

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Automated contact tracing stops the spread of COVID-19

  • Track employee contact via Bluetooth tags
  • Data auto-populates a dashboard of close contacts
  • HR can quickly notify exposed employees to isolate or quarantine
  • Stay in line with public health guidance or requirements on exposure notifications
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Manual contact tracing ensures no interaction is missed

  • Employees can track their contacts via our Logbook
  • Log contact date, time, and duration
  • HR can view contact tracing logs in the Command Center, when they are needed

Immediately alert those exposed via our HR Command Center

The Contact Tracing tab contains the list of potentially exposed employees allowing HR to immediately notify the at-risk people to quarantine to stop forward transmission. In the event of an outbreak, this tab makes it easy for organizations to assist local health departments with their contact tracing efforts.


ReturnSafe contact tracing methods – a solution for every need

We’ve vetted the best contact tracing solutions and provide them in our integrated platform including Bluetooth hardware tags and an easy-to-use app logbook.

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As seen on ABC, contact tracing lanyards may be key to COVID-19 contact tracing for schools.

Contact Tracing FAQs

When do customers need Bluetooth wearables for Contact Tracing?

Bluetooth badges or wristbands provide highly accurate contact tracking information of who employees have been in close contact with and the period of time they were in contact. Bluetooth hubs placed around the building collect all of this information and automatically feed this information directly into our platform. With this precision, if there is a positive case, you can quickly notify potentially exposed individuals and avoid shutting down the entire facility.

Is manual contact tracing or logging contacts via a digital app better?

The faster you notify people who may have been exposed to an infected person, the faster you contain an outbreak. When logging contacts via an app, the administrator will immediately receive the list of people potentially exposed who need to isolate and seek medical advice. Logging close contacts via the app eliminates the logistical burden, inaccuracy, and delays that occur when manual contact occurs after a positive case is reported.

How does ReturnSafe protect employee health data?

Data collected by ReturnSafe is visible only through the Command Center. Only administrators designated by the ReturnSafe customer will have access to the BioSecurity portal.

Is the data encrypted and is it shared with 3rd parties?

All data is encrypted and we do not share with third parties.

What are the leading contact tracing solutions for businesses?

Businesses should consider digital contact logging or contact tracing via hardware. They should not rely solely on smartphone-based employee contact tracing apps as there are several user errors and inaccuracies with this method.

What contact tracing solutions does ReturnSafe offer?

Within our app, employees can log who they’ve been in close contact with and administrators will have access to this list in the portal. We refer to this as our digital logbook solution. We also partner with several contact tracing hardware providers. Our platform can integrate with their hardware solution to populate contact tracing information in our administrator portal.

Does ReturnSafe do manual contact tracing?

Our digital health safety platform bypasses the need for manual contact tracers. The contact tracing dashboard enables employers to discover who on their team was exposed to an infected individual. Additionally, with our new case manager feature, we can help administrators manage the employee follow-up process. However, if you are looking for individuals to call your employees, ask them questions, and provide quarantine and isolation advice, we can refer you to our manual contact tracing partners.

What are the benefits of hardware (Bluetooth Beacons) vs app-based contact tracing?

Beacon-based contact tracking provides a higher degree of preciseness when tracking movements throughout your facility. 

Do you have rules for sharing test results internally, specifically or anonymously?

When testing results are reported by the employee in the app, they have chosen to share their results with their employer. Sharing this information allows administrators to begin contact tracing immediately. Unfortunately, this can’t be automated to be received anonymously as the contact tracing is attached to that person’s identifier. This is needed for tracing who they have come into contact with.

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