Contactless & Verified Safe Entry

The future of the workplace is touchless!

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Contactless Entry

How does it work?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

Entry Access Pass

Only people who meet entry safety criteria receive an access pass.

Safe and easy access

Integrates with turnstiles, automatic doorways, and elevators for touchless access

Time & Attendance Accuracy

Send attendance data directly into any backend system.

Only people who meet return to work safety criteria receive a green pass.

Building Access criteria are customizable. Here a few examples of entry requirements:

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Self-attestation screening
  • Temperature check
  • Recent negative COVID-19 test

Touchless authentication to ensure safe entry

Scanning the QR code or Facial Recognition to verify valid users have met your entry requirements.

  • Authenticates user
  • Verifies access status
  • Entry approval/denial sent to Building Access Control System

Enterprise Integration with Time and Attendance Systems

Contactless and hygienic clock-in and clock-out provides accurate attendance information for hourly employees.

Affordable Touchless Access with Easy to Use Tablet

Touchless authentication to ensure safe entry

  • Works on off-the-shelf tablet. No additional hardware or maintenance contracts needed.
  • Integrates with existing stack for access control, time & attendance, and other IT systems.
  • All steps are contactless to reduce the spread of bacteria from shared surfaces

Enterprise Integrations

Building Access

Time & Attendance