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Simple survey questions provide powerful protection.

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It all starts with the daily screening reminder

Employees, students and faculty receive daily notifications from our screening app to record their symptoms in an easy to use survey. This happens before they come to work.  


Health check-in
Screenshots of the ReturnSafe screener for responsive web and mobile
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Daily health check-ins only take a few seconds

After they get the reminder, they open the daily health screening app and login via single sign-on (if your organization uses an SSO system).  Then they answer the simple survey questions, which you can customize based on your policies and locations.  And after just a few seconds they are done!

Screening results in an access pass, or not.

After your team members complete the daily survey, they receive a recommendation to come to campus or your workplace or to stay home, based on your policies in place.

Optional: employees who have taken the vaccine can be given a “Fast Pass” to show the front desk, bypassing some safety measures.


Monitor health status across your organization

HR can oversee and manage the screening process through the BioSecurity Portal. The Portal shows the health status of people and who is completing the survey and who is not.  Instantly know the status of your team by checking our dashboard.


Privacy is a key concern.

During the current pandemic, employers and institutions have the responsibility of ensuring workplace and campus safety, while balancing the desire of those in their organizations for maximum privacy.

Without a system for responsibly asking and tracking questions like “are you sick”, “have you tested positive?” and “do you have symptoms” it’s impossible to ensure safety.


We take a pragmatic approach.

At ReturnSafe, we’ve thought extensively through how we can use technology to gain necessary information and create a framework to ensure the highest levels of data privacy control for all involved.  

  • The app has calculated the come to work or stay home recommendations from algorithms and rules, versus human calculation that exposes data.
  • Role-based access controls on the Admin Portal ensure only people authorized can see relevant data.
  • All data is encrypted end to end.


We looked at several alternatives and chose ReturnSafe. The agility of the app allows us to segment locations so that we can apply the right policies to meet the requirements of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society sites.

ReturnSafe was also the best from an ease of use perspective. It simplifies the screening process for employees and volunteers, and that’s really important to us as we want people to feel confident when coming back to the office.

Tom Gardner

Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Daily Health Screening & Privacy FAQs

How does ReturnSafe protect health data?

Data collected by ReturnSafe is visible only through the BioSecurity portal. Only adminstrators designated by the ReturnSafe customer will have access to the BioSecurity portal.

Are there specific federal guidelines for workplace safety measures?

Yes, the OSHA act of 1970 outlines workplace safety guidelines, andthe  CDC also has specific guidelines for safe return to work measures.  

Is the data encrypted and is it shared with 3rd parties?

All data is encrypted and we do not share with third parties.

What are the rules on how ReturnSafe will use the data collected?

Yes, we are a privacy first solution with a very strict privacy policy that is documented here: https://returnsafe.com/privacy-policy/. All of the data pertaining to your instance of the application belongs to you. We don’t access that data unless we need to debug a software issue or address a request from public authorities.

How is access to ReturnSafe data limited?

Data collected by ReturnSafe is visible only through the BioSecurity portal. Only adminstrators with proper authorization have access to the BioSecurity portal.

Do you have rules for sharing test results internally, specifically or anonymously?

When testing results are reported by the employee in the employee facing app, the employee can then choose to share the results so contact tracing can take place. Unfortunately, this can’t be automated to be received anonymously as the contact tracing is attached to that person’s identifier. This is needed for tracing who they have come into contact with.

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