4 design principles 
for thoughtful
COVID-19 design.


Thoughtful solutions are human-driven
& technology supported.

First and foremost the product supports the human experience. This means that what happens outside of the product—how we feel, think, and act— is as important as what happens within it.

What we value during a time of crisis is not the same as what we value during a time of peace. The underlying technology should support the experience, never overshadow it. Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Thoughtful solutions consider the most vulnerable.

The app must be able to support the most vulnerable people during the pandemic. The experience should be accessible to the most vulnerable by considering their needs first. Clear controls, legibility, and consistency matter most when designing an app that helps people perform a serious task.

Thoughtful solutions are needed now, not later.

The need for this solution is human-driven, not business-driven, and the need is now. The design should focus on high-value, low-cost features to get it into people’s hands and iterate on it as quickly as possible.

Thoughtful solutions focus on the most important outcomes.

Focus on what the user needs and how we can quickly deliver that. Business outcomes take a backseat in the short-term while we focus on the immediate needs of vulnerable users through a human-centered experience.

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