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ReturnSafe has all the tech-enabled solutions you need to hold a healthy and fun event for all.

  • Temperature Check
  • Vaccination Status
  • Symptom Screening
  • Testing 
  • Contact Tracing
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Your one-stop source to prevent, detect and respond


Participants complete a screener based upon CDC guidelines for symptoms, exposure, and travel. Based upon their answers, they receive either a “green” or “red” access pass. You set the event access policies based on your requirements.


If you require COVID-19 testing as part of your entry requirements, testing data from your providers can be automatically integrated into ReturnSafe and can be incorporated into your access policies.

Vaccination Status

Optionally, you can ask the participant’s vaccination status based upon your event requirements.

Contact Tracing

If having the ability to log all close contacts amongst participants is important, you can use Bluetooth tags which precisely track contact and provide a log if needed later for contact tracing.

Our solution can be customized to meet your specific event requirements


Concerts & Theatre




Trade Shows


Executive Meetings


Sales Kick-Off


Customer Conferences


Safe Event FAQs

When should event promoters use Bluetooth wearables for Contact Tracing?

Bluetooth badges provide highly accurate information on close contacts. Bluetooth hubs placed around the venue collect all of this information and automatically feed it directly into ReturnSafe’s Command Center. With this precision, if there is a positive case, you can quickly notify potentially exposed individuals and avoid a large outbreak occurring from the event. 

How does ReturnSafe protect data privacy?

Data collected by ReturnSafe is only retained for the period required by the CDC or local government.  The data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant system for additional protection.  

What are the CDC Guidelines for screening?

The CDC has basic guidelines for symptoms, exposure, and travel as well as some industry-specific guidelines for screening.  Please refer to the CDC guidelines. 

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