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ReturnSafe is the simplest and most complete COVID-19 screening and contact tracing tool designed to keep your students, faculty, and staff healthy on campus while respecting privacy.  

Our scalable design is customizable to meet your unique institution’s requirements and can be up and running in as little as a week.  


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With a vaccine months away, it is inevitable that one or more members of our community will be diagnosed with COVID-19 this year.  With ReturnSafe, we can identify the people who were in contact with a diagnosed individual and need to quarantine — while keeping our doors open and our community safe.

Michael F. Barry

President and Dean, South Texas College of Law


A holistic approach to campus safety.

Symptom screening alone won’t provide protection.

We integrate daily health screening, test data management, automated contact tracing, and a case management workflow to allow you to effectively implement your higher education institution’s policies and contain potential outbreaks.

Only our platform contains all four key areas required for safe reopening.


Daily symptom screening

Daily Screening Reminders

Start by rolling out the ReturnSafe simple daily symptom screening app. Push notifications politely remind everyone on campus to fill out the daily survey so they know whether they should go to class or self-isolate. The check-in takes just a few seconds every day – everyone on campus can participate in preventing an outbreak.

Configure Screening Policies

The ReturnSafe HR Admin Portal allows you to set your own return-to-campus policies and configure the daily survey questions and recommendations.

Screenshots of the ReturnSafe screener for responsive web and mobile

A campus access pass that stands out.

Easily identify who has checked-in and been cleared to be on campus – or not.  Ensures only symptom-free people come to campus.

COVID-19 Test Data Management & Contact Tracing

ReturnSafe helps you manage and track the results of COVID-19 testing.  The app enables your campus community to enter test status.  If someone notifies you they have tested positive, our app automatically triggers an alert.  We auto-populate a dashboard of exposed students, faculty, and staff to discover who is at risk of exposure from an infected person.  Only authorized users have access to this information. 

The at-risk people in the community can be quickly informed to quarantine and get tested- while maintaining the individual privacy. We capture this data using our smartphone app and optionally a Bluetooth lanyard or wristband to track who is coming into contact with whom throughout the semester. 


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Admin & Wellness Portal for Campus-Wide Visibility

Manage daily check-in status at scale across your campus.  When an outbreak occurs, you have the tools for contact tracing and case management at your fingertips.



Find out who is checking-in, who is coming to campus at scale.

Monitor which community members are coming to campus vs self isolating.  See who is completing the daily checkin and who is not so they can remind them it is required.  The data can be segmented by department to make it easier to manage.

Tracing  & Case Management 

Tracing and case management workflows ensure a swift and effective respone.

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, HR  and/or the Wellness team can  manage the contact tracing process through  Admin Portal.   Via our case management workflows, the students, faculty  or staff members who have been exposed can easily be identified so they can  isolate and quarantine.  This not only prevents outbreaks, but ensures students and staff will return to campus with confidence—they know they are protected even if someone does test positive.


Our CEO, Tarun Nimmagadda, recently spoke at Blackboard World 2020.   

We invite you to Listen and learn about ReturnSafe’s Higher Education mission to keep campuses safe from infectious diseases.

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We don’t offer a single solution, we provide a scalable, customizable platform that responds quickly to change. 

Customize your solution as little, or as much as you need.  We know that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work.  We integrate with your current software solutions to make it work for you, not us.

Student Info Systems Integrations


Identity Management Integrations


Enterprise-grade system with a human-centric design.

You need a secure, compliant infrastructure that checks all the boxes for enterprise security and HIPAA privacy protection, but it also needs to make staff and students feel safe when they return to campus – it has to have a human-centric design. 

Our design encourages people to participate in keeping their community safe and to be informed in a timely manner if an outbreak occures so 1 case doesn’t turn into 100’s of cases.     

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