Prevent and contain COVID-19 outbreaks

Manage outbreaks with confidence by using layers of protection including Screening, Testing Management, Contact Tracing, and Vaccine Management.

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“ReturnSafe is a best of breed solution that keeps our community safe.”  

Ensuring a safe environment for our residents, staff, visitors, and vendors is of utmost importance to us.  ReturnSafe gives us the ability to rapidly respond to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreaks.  ReturnSafe is a best of breed solution that keeps our community safe.

John Dickson

President & CEO , Redstone Presbyterian SeniorCare


Daily Screening Reminders

Employees record their symptoms in a daily survey and receive a recommendation on whether they should go to work or stay home. The process takes about 5 seconds per day. 

Test and Vaccine Status

Testing and vaccine status are now part of the screening process. Know if your employees have tested positive or have received the right level of vaccine to reach safe status. 

Configure Screening Policies

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity portal allows you to set your own return-to-work policies and configure the employee daily survey.

employee health screening app


Self-Report Test Results

Employees can report test results in the app and optionally share their results securely with their employer.

Individualized Vulnerability Assessment

We also provide an individualized vulnerability assessment so employers can request and pay for their employees to be tested either because a particular employee is at risk or to monitor what percentage of their employees are asymptomatic but positive for COVID.


Automated Contact Tracing

We auto-populate a dashboard of potentially exposed employees so they can be informed to isolate and get tested if needed. We capture this data using our smartphone app and Bluetooth lanyards or wristbands.

Manual Contact Tracing

In-App logbook for employees to log contacts while at the workplace. 

Social Distancing Alarm

If employees come within 6 feet of one another their phone will vibrate, reminding them to practice social distancing.

HR 360-Degree Dashboard

Gain visibility and be prepared to respond quickly to outbreaks with your ReturnSafe dashboards. 

Screening Dashboard


Track employee check-in compliance 

HR can monitor which employees are working from home vs coming into work, who is completing the checkin and which employees have been tested for Covid-19. Data can be segmented by department and office location.

Contact Tracing Dashboard


Quickly respond to employee exposure

HR can monitor the symptoms, test results and statuses of employees and access a log of exposures when contact tracing is necessary.    

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