Easily confirm vaccination status and test results

Keep all your employees safe and stay compliant with our all-in-one solution.  

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  • Vaccination tracking
  • Testing results
  • Health screening
  • Case management
  • Data for compliance reporting

HR Command Center

A single pane of glass for vaccine tracking, testing status and case management

Track Vaccination and Testing Status

test management data

Track vaccination status, daily screening, and testing results across employees and locations.


Gain a 360 Degree View

COVID-19 Case Manager

HR is has full visibility and control of vaccination status, test results and positive case management.  


Vaccination Status Tracking

  • Employees upload proof of vaccination
  • Validate Vaccination Cards
  • Override building access pass for non-compliant employees
Vaccine Tracking Thumbnail

Test Results Tracking

Whether you have an “at-home” or “lab” program, employee test results can be collected and monitored via the ReturnSafe Command Center. 

Maintain Compliance

Monitor and track employee testing program compliance.  Override building entry pass if employee does not follow proper protocols.

Keep Everyone Safe

When a positive COVID-19 case occurs, HR has the case management tools to manage isolation, contact tracing and quarantine protocols. 

Health Screening

Daily Screening Reminders

Employees record their symptoms in a daily survey and receive a recommendation on whether they should go to work or stay home. The process takes about 5 seconds per day. 

Configure Screening Policies

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity portal allows you to set your own return-to-work policies and configure the employee daily survey.

employee health screening app

Case Management

If an employee tests positive, the case management capabilities provide a single command center to effectively manage isolation, contact tracing and quarantine workflows.  

COVID-19 Case Manager

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