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AUSTIN, TEXAS  — November 17, 2020 — Part of Madonna University’s plans to reopen its Livonia, Michigan campus this fall involved working with ReturnSafe. To keep students, staff and faculty safe and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic, Madonna utilized ReturnSafe’s BioSecurity Platform. 

“Over the summer we saw the devastating impact of COVID-19 and recognized that we would need to find a solution that our students, staff and faculty could use on a daily basis in order to bring everyone back safely,” said John Montgomery, Chief Information Technology Officer at Madonna University. “ReturnSafe is a simple health-screening and contact-tracing solution that gives us the reassurance needed in order to keep our doors open and our community safe. With ReturnSafe, we’re able to quickly identify those who have been potentially exposed to the virus and, in turn, those with whom they have been in contact. We have a university community of 2,400 students, faculty and staff who come to campus regularly, so it’s critical to be able to identify potential risk areas and respond rapidly to minimize the risk of an outbreak.”

Students and faculty register their health status using the ReturnSafe app by answering COVID-specific screening questions. Once cleared to come to campus, students, faculty, staff, and visitors receive a daily electronic “badge” that can be shown to faculty and staff as they attend classes or other events on campus. Those not cleared are requested to stay away from campus, and are provided with directions on necessary COVID-19 testing, isolation and quarantine procedures. In addition to identifying potentially-exposed or infected people, the ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform helps Madonna University’s Chief Health Officer rapidly notify those who were potentially exposed.

“As a mission-driven company, we want to help educational institutions with a solution that allows them to confidently reopen their schools. Unfortunately, contact tracing or a vaccine alone are not the answer to keeping our communities healthy and safe,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Chief Executive Officer of ReturnSafe. “Historically, we have seen other contagious diseases similar to the Coronavirus continue to spread in communities even with a vaccine so additional safety systems have to be in place. ReturnSafe features daily screening, test data management for those that may be positive and have been tested, and contact-tracing alerts that help slow the spread of the virus.” 

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform offers organizations an end-to-end solution that slows the spread of infectious diseases by implementing critical daily screening with a symptoms diary and recommendations governed by HR policies; testing data management for quick notification of a positive test; and Bluetooth contact-tracing via smartphone and hardware wearables at the workplace including a built-in social distancing alarm. To learn more, read our case study.

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