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South Texas College of Law Houston Partners with ReturnSafe to Reopen Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic 

HOUSTON (Dec. 10, 2020) — South Texas College of Law Houston (STCL Houston) recently selected ReturnSafe’s BioSecurity Platform to provide a safe and seamless entry to campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A significant enhancement to STCL Houston’s comprehensive campus safety protocol, the newly implemented ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform assesses and monitors the health of the South Texas community — before they ever step foot on campus. Using confidential, Bluetooth technology via smartphones, ReturnSafe enables individuals to report COVID-19 exposure or infection, while simultaneously alerting those who come within six feet of potentially affected coronavirus carriers.

“To protect our community, we knew we had to do two things if we were going to reopen our campus,” said Michael F. Barry, president and dean of STCL Houston. “First, we needed to limit the opportunity for coronavirus to enter our community by screening individuals who were potentially at risk before they came to campus. Second, we needed a way to contact trace if a diagnosed individual was on campus. With ReturnSafe, we can identify the people who were in contact with a diagnosed individual and, therefore, who need to quarantine — while keeping our doors open and our South Texas family safe.”

Through ReturnSafe’s state-of-the-art app, all campus entrants are prompted to answer a series of health questions prior to entering the building. If cleared by the app, students, faculty, staff, and visitors receive a daily, dated electronic “badge” they are required to present to the school’s security desk prior to entering the building. Those not cleared by the app are prohibited from entering campus and are provided with directions on necessary COVID-19 testing and quarantine procedures. Those without smartphones must follow a daily, manual check-in process at the security desk before entering campus.

Individuals who suspect they may have been exposed to or infected with the coronavirus are required to immediately report this information to the law school. Because the app keeps track of individuals who have been in close proximity to others on campus, the app also manages the confidential notification process to those who have come within six feet of these individuals.

“Our entire company is 100 percent focused on our mission to prevent infectious disease outbreaks, and the only effective way to slow or stop the spread of a virus like COVID-19 is a combination of health screening, testing, and tracing,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, chief executive officer of ReturnSafe. “We help businesses, health and nursing care providers and facilities, nonprofits and educational institutions like South Texas College of Law Houston identify potential risks with a holistic solution that helps keep their communities healthy and safe, allowing them to confidently reopen their campuses.”

ReturnSafe’s daily health screening app is geo-fenced, meaning it is active only while individuals are on the STCL Houston campus. To ensure the app’s efficacy, all individuals visiting the law school are required to keep their smartphones with them at all times while they are on campus.

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform offers organizations an end-to-end solution that slows the spread of infectious diseases by implementing critical daily screening with a symptoms diary and recommendations governed by HR policies; testing data management for quick notification of a positive test; and Bluetooth contact tracing via smartphone and hardware wearables at the workplace, including a built-in, social distancing alarm.

The ReturnSafe app is one of many new accommodations — including plexiglass shields at the security desk and in classrooms, detailed COVID-19 signage to assist in social distancing, and redesigned classroom spaces — STCL Houston implemented for the fall 2020 semester to help protect the health of the South Texas family during the coronavirus pandemic. To learn more, click to read the STCL Houston case study

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