What should you be looking for in a Return to Work app? This is new no matter your industry and understanding the options for Return to Work tools can be difficult and the literature can be overwhelming, but the bottom line is ensuring employee safety. As you search for solutions to help bring your team back to work during COVID-19, we recommend ensuring your return to work app follows these best practices.

daily health screening return to work app

Return to work apps need to be easy to use

A good Return to Work app is easy to use. Daily screening apps do what they were meant to do only if people fill out the survey every single day. So a straightforward, easy-to-use application encourages compliance with company policies. When the app is simple to use, your team won’t mind incorporating it into their workday. 

They must also remind employees to follow the guidelines

The app must communicate effectively with users. What does this look like? This means the app should remind users to fill out their daily health screening. This means that the app should remind users to remain at least 6 feet away from others. And this means that the app should alert people if they were exposed to someone who tested positive. 

Comply with all regulations and health guidelines 

The ideal return to work app allows administrators to customize survey questions according to CDC, OSHA, state, and local health and safety policies, as well as industry standards. The solution should make it easy for you to comply and track all necessary information, while also taking a pragmatic approach to user privacy and security. 

For a reopening to be sustainable and effective, employees must feel comfortable with the technology they are using to report, monitor, and alert others of their symptoms and behaviors in the workplace. Having an app that prompts screening and distancing is the best way to get ahead of the disease. 

Return to work apps need to take privacy just as seriously as safety 

When we consider the application from the user’s perspective it is paramount to take into account privacy. Users need to know that their information is secure if they are going to trust it. They want to know that the tracking data is confined to the workplace and that it is clear how their contact tracing and screening data will be used. 

When it comes to data protection, privacy, & security measures, look out for the following keywords to ensure your application is following best practices and industry standards. 

HIPAA Compliant
AICPA SOC2 Certification
NIST Security Framework
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
CAIQ v 3.1

Returning to work 

We are living in an uncertain and fast-changing time. Does your organization have a system in place to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep your team safe? Book a demo to learn more about how ReturnSafe’s solution can help. 

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