Manage your weekly testing program at scale

We give you the tools to manage a program of any size to stay safe and compliant.

Easily comply with new testing mandates

Testing unvaccinated employees every week is a now a requirement.  ReturnSafe supports all major testing approaches including on-site and at home.  All results will be collected in the Command Center.

Easy Access to Tests

While the ReturnSafe platform can collect test results from any source, to make it easier for our clients, we have partnered with Meenta, the leading testing marketplace provider to make it easy for employees to access COVID-19 testing .

Meenta marketplace brings together the widest array of testing products to completely revolutionize the way the world accesses diagnostic testing and laboratory capabilities.

You can set up a program to buy in bulk and provide kits to your employees or you can have employees purchase individual kits.


HR Command Center

Employee test results are collected and available for Admins in the Command Center.  Both individual employee reported and lab result bulk import are available.

  • Track who has completed the testing requirements on time.
  • Quickly identify positive cases to take action
  • Manage isolation & quarantine workflows
  • Data available for compliance reporting
test data management

@Home Employee Self-Reported Results

Employees answer a few simple questions and upload a picture of the test results which then appear in the Command Center Testing Report for immediate access.

Bulk Upload for Test Results at scale

If an employer is running a testing program with a specific provider on-site or at a lab facility, the test results can be bulk uploaded into the HR Command Center for immediate action. 


Testing is part of outbreak prevention

Vaccine Management

Know who is vaccinated and unvaccinated to manage your safety measures. 


Manage your testing program at scale across the organization.  


Daily symptom survey with recommendations governed by CDC guidelines and HR policies.

Contact Tracing

Logbooks and Bluetooth tags track interactions at the workplace.

Case Management

Exposure notifications, quarantine & isolation management workflows

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