ReturnSafe BioSecurity for Travel & Hospitality

Our BioSecurity Platform is easy to use for employees and puts HR in the driver’s seat with a full view of the changing health status across the organization.

A simple daily screener ensures only people who meet the ‘come to work’ criteria will receive a building access pass and throughout the day, our solution securely tracks interactions giving HR the tools to immediately contain outbreaks to help keep your employees safe and your guests more comfortable.

We take privacy seriously so tracking only occurs in the workplace.

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Making guests feel comfortable, no matter the situation has always been the aim, now employee comfort is equally important.

During this pandemic, easing fears of infection for your guest and employees is top of mind for everyone in the travel and hospitality industry.

The ReturnSafe solution provides daily health screening, testing management, and digital contact tracing to help keep your employees safe and give your guests peace of mind.

I really like the ease of use of the app for our employees, and HR can quickly see across our organization to monitor exposures and hot spots for rapid incident response. Without the automation for screening and contact tracing, we would have to test everyone if someone became positive and risk having to shut down to abide by the Miami Beach Reopening Orders and Emergency Measures.  Learn more

Malvin Ortiz-Aponte

Director of HR, The Betsy Hotel

ReturnSafe automates your existing manual screening processes.

To reopen, you had to institute a daily health check for employees at the beginning of every shift.  Most organizations have found that this doesn’t scale.   

  • Using paper-based screening causes long lines at shift change
  • It’s hard to track who has completed their daily screener and who hasn’t.
  • Complying with the ever-changing OSHA, CDC, state, and local guidelines is challenging.

We can help you automate this process and add additional technology-based safety measures to reduce your risk of an outbreak that would cause you to close again. 


employee health screening app

A comprehensive approach to managing COVID-19 safety.

Symptom screening alone won’t provide protection.

We integrate daily health screening, test data management, digital contact tracing and case management workflow to prevent and contain COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Only our platform contains all four key areas required for a safer reopening.


Daily symptom screening

Daily Screening Reminders

Allow your employees to conduct their daily health screening at home, prior to coming to your facility – and prior to making their commute.  Friendly reminders alert them to complete the survey and receive their clearance to come to your facility – or not.  The check-in takes just a few seconds every day – everyone in the community can participate in preventing an outbreak.

Configure Screening Policies

To help you contend with the changing federal, state, and local safety guidelines, the screener questions, and recommendations are customizable.


If cleared, employees receive a “boarding pass” to enter the facility.

Easily identify who has checked-in and been cleared to come to work.  This ensures only healthy people come to your facility. 


COVID-19 Test Data Management & Contact Tracing

ReturnSafe helps you manage and track the results of COVID-19 testing.  The app enables employees to enter test status.  If someone notifies you they have tested positive, our app automatically triggers an alert.  We auto-populate a dashboard of exposed employees to easily discover who is at risk of exposure from an infected person.

The at-risk employees can be quickly informed to quarantine and get tested. We capture this data using Bluetooth technology on our smartphone app.

Additional Bluetooth contact tracking options

Not everyone has a smartphone at your facility so we’ve integrated with leading Bluetooth beacon providers to enable you to use Bluetooth wristbands, key cards, or lanyards to track who employees come in contact with throughout the day.

We integrate with the BLE Gateway so contacts are aggregated and visible in the ReturnSafe Admin Portal for immediate action.

hybrid contact tracing solution

BioSecurity Admin Portal

HR gains visibility across your employee population to respond quickly to outbreaks

Screening Dashboard


Track screening compliance

Monitor which employees are coming to work vs. self-isolating.  See who is completing the daily check-in and who is not so they can remind them it is required.  The data can be segmented by location or department to make it easier to manage.

Contact Tracing Dashboard

Quickly respond to exposures

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, your response team can manage the contact tracing process through BioSecurity Admin Portal.   Exposed individuals can easily be identified so they can isolate and seek medical advice.  This not only prevents outbreaks, but gives employees and your guests the peace of mind knowing they are at a safe facility.  

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