Supporting OSHA’s vaccine mandate

A straightforward approach with a simple process for employees and an efficient workflow for HR.  An integral part of your “Vaccine or Test” program. 

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How it works


Employees Report Status via our Mobile or Web App

Customizable Vaccination Questions
Record vaccination status, type, and provider, including an image of the Vaccination Record Card for validation.

Manage exemption process including upload of exemption documents or initiate exemption request process via the app.

HR can Monitor Individual and Population Vaccination Status

Up to Date Vaccination Database
Know who is fully vaccinated, unvaccinated and undeclared.  Collect data for compliance reporting.

Vaccine Status Validation

Admins can view vaccine cards and validate employee provided information.  Employees can be marked as Fully Vaccinated, Partially Vaccinated, Exempt or Pending.  These fields are customizable.

Depending upon your policies,  if an employee is unvaccinated, Admins can override the entry pass to prohibit building access .


ReturnSafe Validation Service

If your organization does not have the resources to validate employee vaccination information, ReturnSafe can complete this process on your behalf.


“Keeping our doors open and our community safe”

It is inevitable that one or more members of our community will be diagnosed with COVID-19 this year.  With ReturnSafe, we can identify the people who were in contact with a diagnosed individual and need to quarantine — while keeping our doors open and our community safe.

Michael F. Barry

President and Dean, South Texas College of Law

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