Track vaccine status and employee sentiment 

Who can safely take off their masks?  Manage a mixed immunity workforce with confidence with our HIPAA compliant solution.

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How it works

Employee Self-Attestation with Optional Vaccination Record Card Upload


Vaccination Status Questions

Record vaccination status, type, and provider, including an image of the CDC COVID-19  Vaccination Record Card. 

HR can Monitor Individual and Population Vaccination Status


Up to Date Vaccination Database

Know who is fully vaccinated, unvaccinated and undeclared.  Track employee vaccine sentiment via surveys to uncover and address employee concerns. 

What vaccine tracking does for your business


  • Demonstrates commitment to a safe space for employees 
  • Fast tracks immunized employees to fewer safety measures
  • Safeguards against vaccine uncertainties that may require future action.
  • Enables compliance with regulations and reduces business risk 
Infectious Disease Danger

Vaccine Sentiment Tracking

Guage employee sentiment towards getting the vaccine with surveys.  Administrators can cater vaccine initiatives to address employee concerns to optimize vaccine adoption. 

Employee Vaccine Poll

“Keeping our doors open and our community safe”

It is inevitable that one or more members of our community will be diagnosed with COVID-19 this year.  With ReturnSafe, we can identify the people who were in contact with a diagnosed individual and need to quarantine — while keeping our doors open and our community safe.

Michael F. Barry

President and Dean, South Texas College of Law

Vaccine FAQs

How is the safety of a vaccine determined?

The FDA makes the final determination if a vaccine is safe for use in the United States.  They have established rigorous standards for the Development and Licensure of Vaccines to Prevent COVID-19.  There is a predefined vaccine approval process that is followed for every vaccine candidate. 

What is an mRNA vaccine?

The CDC has several good resources that explain how an mRNA vaccine works.


Can employers require COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace?

There have been many articles and opinions written about this subject.  SHRM has several good resources including this article and quote: “Employers may require vaccines before employees return to the worksite if the failure to be vaccinated constitutes a direct threat to other employees in the workplace because the virus is rampant and easily transmitted in the workplace,” said Robin Samuel, an attorney with Baker McKenzie in Los Angeles.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has not ruled on this matter yet, however many feel they will follow a similar approach to how mandatory flu vaccinations are handled and provide for exceptions for disability or religious factors. 

Here are several other articles and opinions:|

National Law Review:

Fisher Phillips | Oct 2020 (insights, state law chart)

Nexsen Pruet | Dec 2020
Can, and Should, Employers Require that Employees be Vaccinated for Covid-19?

Epstein | Nov 2020
3-minute video: It’s Time To Ready Your Vaccine Policy

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